Looking for Work?

There is a lot people can complain about and complain about often, so I shall complain about something people don’t complain about that often.   The other day I went on a job interview, for a job I did not care if I got or not.  It was for Joseph A. Bank, the clothier, as a sales person in one of their stores.  For the life of me I cannot fathom a guess on why some person would want to pay $199 for a polo shirt they could easily buy else where for a whole lot less.  Back to the point, the interview turned out to be a group interview, another gentleman and I.  This is the second group interview I have had and they are not ideal settings.  This gentleman will call Al, if you can call me buddy.  Although Paul Simon would have been a better person to have a group interview with for the reason I will explain.  Al had amazing gift, the gift of talking excessively and really about nothing that has to deal with the job.  I can talk quite a bit, but Al talked as if letting me talk would somehow diminish his lack of skills.  He said time and time again that he worked in marketing and sales, and judging from his clothes and lack of a car I could tell he was not that good at it.  I had to take a more aggressive approach to the interview process, which is something a person never wants to do.  I would say for every word I had the chance to say, Al said three hundred.  It had gotten to the point to that the people giving the interview were trying to give me a chance to speak, and when they did ask me a question it was amazing how Al would answer it before I did.  The lesson is, avoid group interviews.

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